I dooon't knooow.

I'm going to sing the doom song now...

Chad Rosenberg
28 September
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It was once believed that if an infinite number of monkeys were given and infinite number typewriters that they would eventually produce all the works of Shakespeare. Since the invention of the Internet we now know this isn't true.

You have managed to stumble onto the blog of one of those monkeys.

(No Shakespeare yet.)

I’ve been described as looking like Daniel Jackson from Stargate (both Michael Shanks and James Spader) and having the personality of Davin from Something Positive. While kind words (sorta), unfortunately, I don’t think I am quite as attractive as Daniel Jackson (either of them), and I lack the full cynicism and wit of Davin. I suppose I am somewhere in the center of the three – it could be a lot worse.

My greatest ambitions:
  • Use god-like powers to rule world, and have servants bring forth the best coffee and chocolate that the land has to offer. Err, I mean, transcending the trivialities of the mortal existence (except chocolate, coffee, and cheese, oh and Thai food) and becoming a being of pure energy. (No, I’m not copying Daniel here; I had this idea before I even started watching Stargate. Besides, I never saw him eating cheese when he ascended.)
  • Failing that, developing my psychic powers to predict the next winning lottery numbers, and living off the interest of my money while spending time hacking away at whatever catches my fancy at my own geeky coffee shop and owning every gadget in existence.
  • As a safety net, pursuing a carrier in software engineering.

Currently I write enterprise software for a living at a search engine company that is not Google. Happily so (or so I keep telling myself). I am also a card carrying foodie with an addiction to extremely spicy foods (one of these days I am going to have to learn how to say “tell your chef that I think he is a pussy” in both Thai and Hindi for when they ask me how spicy I want my food). While all my interests are really too numerous to mention, lately I have been spending time riding my motorcycle, learning French, Ballroom dancing, Irish dancing, and drooling in front of my TiVo when I no longer have the capacity to think after a long day of work.

There are three amusing memes that also do a good job of summarizing my personality. Apparently I am Tea and Vanilla, the Strength Card, and a Wacky Rational Constructive Leader.

Oh, and I have a rather warped sense of humor that only those really close to me get to see the full extent of.